[Video] Patient Financing Made Easy

It’s clear, patient responsibilities continue to rise. $5000 out-of-pocket is now common place. Patients need HELP. Meanwhile, Providers struggle with lower reimbursements and higher costs to collect. Providers need HELP, too.

For over 30 years, HELP Financial has formed invaluable partnerships with providers and their patients. By delivering easy and affordable patient financing, HELP fills a financial void for both patients and providers.

The results are impressive. With a guaranteed line of credit, patients are empowered to manage their financial responsibility. And, with up-front funding, Providers are relieved of the administrative and financial burdens that come with internal payment plans.

HELP is here.

HELP has funded over $1.5 Billion to its provider partners AND with a collected success rate of 93%, HELP is second to none.

Contact us at https://www.helpfinancial.com or info@helpfinancial.com to see how we can HELP.

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