Patient Financing: A History Provided by Industry Pioneer HELP Financial Corporation

“HELP Financial Corporation (“HELP”) started 30 years ago with one goal in mind: to create an affordable financing option for patients to pay their out-of-pocket medical bills.  HELP developed a financing program, partnering with providers across the country, to address this need.  Today, this objective is even more crucial,” states Al Posa, President & CEO.

One reality has persisted for three decades: patients require affordable options to deal with the ever-increasing burden of medical expenses.  HELP has provided affordable options to patients allowing them to pay over time. At the same time, HELP’s provider partners reap the benefits of up-front funding, lowered operating expense, improved patient collection performance and patient satisfaction.  This delivers financial relief for both patients and providers.


Patient financing programs in the late 80’s invariably included double-digit interest charges.  Early adopters of HELP’s program also implemented interest bearing payment plans, but the interest charges were typically lower than other installment or revolving credit options.  Today, patients are presented a program that offers flexible terms with either low or no interest charges.

Best Practices:

HELP has financed over $1.5 Billion to provider partners, alleviating the financial burden for over 1 Million guarantors.  HELP has achieved industry leading results, utilizing best practices that are patient focused.  Years of experience and HELP’s depth of knowledge established current best practices.  These measures insure that patients are set up to succeed – boasting a 93% success rate – while delivering optimal financial outcomes for HELP’s provider partners.

Data and Technology:

30 years ago, HELP provided original paper and carbon copy agreements to patients.  Coupon/payment booklets were sent to patients to facilitate remitting payments.  A lot has changed over the years, improving the patient experience. The technological advances developed by the HELP team have simplified the process of patient financing and patient communication.  HELP now offers patients self-enrollment through Self-HELP, along with real-time account management on the MyHELP patient portal.  Suffice to say, that after 30 years, HELP remains the industry leader in innovative patient financing.

Industry Analysis:

The need for patient financing options is in more demand now than ever.  Many competitors – including banks and private investors – have entered the niche patient financing market, but few have lasted.  HELP has remained a privately-owned company, focusing exclusively on patient financing and developing the best programs and options to meet the needs of both patient and provider.  HELP will continue to independently pioneer the industry, striving to improve at every step, just like the previous 30 years.

HELP is excited to celebrate it’s 30-year anniversary.  For more information on HELP’s programs please reach out to or call (800) 752-9613.